Temple of Elemental Evil

Main Site

1. The Village of Holmaren - Exploring the village

2. The Ruined Tower - Thameera the Magic User

3. The Wand of Petrifaction - A hero turns to stone!

4. Emridel Meadows - A symbol of Nocticula is found!

5. The Town of Nolivari - The Origin of Carric Cendoria

6. The Sleeping Dragon Inn - The Origin of Fayte Bonesunder

7. The City of Olwynn - The Origin of Heron

8. The Village of Nulth - The Origin of Jolene

9. The Earth Temple - Romag, High Priest of Earth

10. The Prisoners - The heroes meet the deva

11. The Augury Chamber - The fire temple attacks

12. The Queen of Spiders - The heroes turn on the Earth Temple

13. The Orb of Golden Death - An evil artifact is discovered

14. The Farmhouse - Exploration of dungeon level three

15. The Hall of Verdigris - Raid on the Water Temple

16. The Water Temple - Belsornig is defeated

17. The Ebon Lord of the Abat-Dolor - Fayte encounters Graz'zt

18. The Fire Temple - Allrem is slain