Temple of Elemental Evil

13. The Orb of Golden Death

6/4/11: Hmm this one got a little spicy!

Carric Cendoria - Elf Seeker
Fayte Bonesunder - Human Paladin
Heron - Half-elf Fighter
Jurod - Changeling Mage

* NPC Hirelings: Garweez the ogre, Harmony Helltiger the rogue, Randor the cleric and Baldrim the fighter.


 The adventurers awoke the next day in Nulth. Proudwing Soar tried to get their attention.The majestic bird led them to Mother Screng's. There, Mother Screng (aka Canoness Y'Day, priestess of Clarissa) saw Garweez's missing thumbs. She knew of a remedy in Olwynn.There was a magic dwarvenale that could restore missing limbs. She cast a Shadow Walk ritual on the heroes and their cart, allowing them to speed to Olwynn by travelling from shadow to shadow, dividing the travel time by five. 

Randor, Harmony and Baldrim decided to stay in Nulth. The rest of the heroes raced, ethereal and shadowy to the north.

As the heroes approached the main gate, they saw more gate guards than normal. There was also a large tent set-up, and an immortal called Angra watched over them carefully. It turned out that a plague was to have rumored to hit Olwynn - one crafted by the King of Terror while the gods were adventuring in Dispater's city. 

In the tent were druids of Anjou. Before anyone could enter the city, they had to be checked for Vorel's Phage, a disease going around. The heroes were clean.

The adventurers took their cart pulled by one live horse and one undead horse to Mystery Pandemonium's guard tower. When they entered her chamber, she was having an intense conversation with a kenku agent. Once he was gone, the heroes joined her in the hookah lounge for a full report. The heroes brought her up to speed. She asked if they'd seen Lord Thrommal or Smigmal Redhand. They hadn't (though they'd run into Smigmal soon enough). She asked for their maps so her scribes could make copies. Mystery told the heroes to take a day off and enjoy the city. She arranged for them to spend the night in the Pleasure Dome of Fra.

The adventurers tracked down The grumbling dwarf tavern. Carric decided to stay outside, as his curse would surely be set off by the presence of dwarves. The heroes bought a number of magical ales there, including one that could restore lost limbs. They bought a few. One for Garweez, and one for Vellic, should he be alive when next they met. Garweez drank the ale, and his thumbs returned. He was overjoyed.

Then the heroes headed to the Pleasure Dome. Fra was a prime goddess of lust and healing (who made her epic debut way back in the Crystal Bitter campaign). The dome was the main building, but there were a few adjacent. In the center of the complex was a garden where many swans lived. The entry hall had a direct view of the interior of the pleasure dome, a massive bowl filling with pillows. On the pillows were sweaty, naked people. They were fornicating wildly! Heron was aghast. The adventurers were greeted by priests. They told the heroes they could spend the night in the dome, or a Hall of Secluded Desire, or The Hall of the Innocents. They also had a choice of priests that could accompany them:

Flora Rouge - a beautiful female human
Grim Nemesis - a Minotaur stud
Jasmine Faunaclash - A pretty half-elf
Star Lightning - A male githyanki covered in scars

Then there were two priests who could guide the heroes through the hall of innocents...

Valentine Veilcaster - a male eladrin with a billowing shirt
Melody Witchrascal - a female eladrin with that girl next door appeal

Heron chose the Hall of the Innocents, as did Garweez. Valentine was his guide. First they did some painting. Heron painted his home of Misthollow. Then they took a nap and connected in their dreams. They envisioned a rainbow lake, which did not have an aberrant monster in it like Mist Hollow. Then they gave each other fish tattoos. Then Valentine said "Touch my balls", and Heron awkwardly refused. Valentine had failed his task! Heron got out of there. Garweez bailed out too. He ndidn't get why anyone would want him to pee in their butt.

Meanwhile, Jurod took Grim Nemesis to a Hall of Secluded desire. There in a fur-covered chamber, Jurod learned that Grim preferred the company of men! Together they had quite a time,, and mage hand was used quite creatively in the butt area.

Carric was with Jasmine, while Fayte chose Star Lightning. ogether they joined in on the never-ending orgy! In the dome ceiling was a painting of Fra herself. It was said that in times of great passion, she would bless all with a radiant squirt (I should note at this point that the easily offended should scroll way down). Carric used his knowledge of the anatomy to get things started, and then used sleight of hand to get the oral thing going. From there it was mad love with some epic throbbing!

But he was outdone by Faye Bonesunder as she rode the githyanki stud into the annals of yore! They started off with sharing stories of their scars, and then Fayte Bonesunder rolled a critical blow job! From there, she triumphed and climaxed in a variety of positions, making violent love like a mad barbarian. So great was the passion that yes, the image of Fra became aroused and all were blessed with her radiant holy juices! All who were there and lived would tell the story in bathhouses across the city for years to come.

The next day, the heroes were sent to the Seven-Pillared Hall in Thunderspire labyrinth. There, Vivacious Crews waited to cast Shadow Walk and allow the heroes to get back to Nulth. But as they stood on the magic lift, they were met by the Blademasters - the premiere adventuring group in Olwynn. The Blademasters told the heroes that thunderspire was over-run by duergar infected with Vorel's Phage, the disease created by agents of the King of Terror! As the lift bottomed and opened up to the main hall of thunderspire, the heroes found a battle scene between them and Vivacious' Crews abode in the guildhouse of Saruun. Tumor-faced dwarves battled all, totally insane and driven to murder. Duergar came at Carric from either side. He rolled back and plugged both with arrows.

A duergar climbed Garweez's back. Fayte raced over and sliced the thing before it could bite the ogre. A mage of Saruun was getting piled on. Heron raced over, as did Quadrophenia of the Blademasters. Together they rescued the mage and killed the diseased duergar. Vivacious Crews was in battle too! She blasted many with her potent spells, but one closed in on her. Jurod cast Arc Lightning and killed it.

The Blademasters dealt with the remaining duergar while Vivacious led the heroes inside. She cast Shadow Walk, and the heroes were off.

They raced through the shadows, taking most of the daylight hours to get back to Nulth. From there, they rounded up Harmony, Randor and Baldrim and they headed to the temple.
The adventurers did not go below. Instead, they made their way to the broken tower. As they approached, two ravens flew at them from their perch on the tower roof. As they got closer, they doubled in size and attacked!

Randor used his Storm Call spell to pull a raven close. Carric used an arrow to immobilize the other. Jurod cast hypnotize to bring one raven close to Garweez. The raven screeched and knocked the heroes to the ground. But Randor plugged one full of arrows, and Randor crushed the other, and the threat was neutralized.

The door to the broken tower was barred, chained and padlocked. Garweez destroyed the padlock, and Carric slipped off the chains. The heroes opened the door, and were shocked to see about two dozen soldiers ready for them!

These soldiers worked for Smigmal Redhand, a half-orc with a bounty on her head. The adventurers would soon learn that she was working with a drow named Falkritch. Together, they were protecting a powerful artifact for Lolth.

Jurod killed many with a shock sphere spell. Fayte rushed in and sliced at the soldiers, alongside Randor. Carric killed one with an arrow just before the leader pulled on a rope, and set off a collapse in the entranceway! Piles of debris crushed Fayte and Randor, and a cloud of choking dust remained. The dust obscured sight and caused endless choking (dazed).

Garweez flung a rock through and killed a guard. Heron held his breath and raced through the cloud. Once past the cloud, he drank a potion of dragon breath and breathed lightning, killing two more guards.

Carric took aim at the leader through the cloud and fired an arrow right into his chest (a critical!). A bunch of archers fired arrows into Heron as he closed in on the leader. Heron decided to deal with the remaining archers. He made his way over to them and clubbed two of them to death.

Fayte stumbled out of the cloud, hurt bad, and was cut twice. She beheaded one and made her way to the leader, who was standing on a table firing his crossbow. As she approached, he pulled out his halberd. She slashed him. Garweez lumbered into the tower and teed off, clubbing the leader across the room, killing him. The heroes slew the few remaining soldiers and took a quick rest.

They looted the place. In a desk with papers, Carric found a few blank sheets. On a hunch, he held them up to light to see if there were any secret messages. There were! One, when held up to the light, depicted a map. It showed that there was a secret tunnel from the tower and it led to a "farmhouse" and to "Smigmal".

the heroes found a floorstone that tipped up and revealed a ladder leading down. From there, they followed a winding tunnel where there was a cave with two exits. The heroes decided to follow the one that the map said led to Smigmal.

The tunnel wound its' way to the third level of the temple. The rocky tunnel turned and led to a temple room - guarded by a basilisk! Harmony peered around the corner, saw the basilisk, and was hit with its' gaze. She began to turn to stone!

Fayte ran up and slashed the basilisk. Garweez and Heron joined her, and were hit by the gaze. They began to turn to stone! Then, the room beyond lit up. A line of flame just behind the basilisk now blocked entrance into the room. Smigmal and Flakritch the drow entered that room. Falkritch began dropping powerful spells on the heroes as they battled the basilisk! Her prismatic burst blinded a number of the heroes.

Fayte summoned her skeletal horse, SkullStrider, and boldly rode through the flames, which spread quickly.

The others continued to pummel the basilisk. who died and then became enlarged and ghostly, with a third eye. Jurod realized that the basilisk was an illusion from the start! The heroes disbelieved it, and it vanished.

Falkritch fired off a lightning bolt point blank at Fayte, which then rocketed into Randor. Jurod cast hypnotism to pull Smigmal into the fire. Garweez threw a boulder in her face. Heron jumped through and over the fire to help Fayte. Randor used Storm Call to pull their foes further into the fire.

In the end, both of the villains became a victim of their own deadly fire. They were pinned in it by magic, and both died an agonizing death. Carric's arrow finished off Smigmal, and Garweez's rock crushed the burning skull of Falkritch. The heroes put out the fire and found a horde of treasure...

But there was one thing that stood out. A box that radiated evil. Inside it was a 3 inch in diameter golden skull! Jurod picked it up, and immediately could sense its' power. Four elemental gems were meant to be placed in it. Each gem had additional powers. They could summon demons and elementals! The skull was somehow linked to the temple, and could be used to bring about its' destruction...