Temple of Elemental Evil

16. The Water Temple

6/24/11: I drew up a map of the water temple and we got down to business...

Carric Cendoria - Elf Seeker
Fayte Bonesunder - Human Paladin
Heron - Half-elf Fighter
Jurod - Changeling Mage

* NPC Hirelings: Garweez the ogre, Harmony Helltiger the rabbit, Randor the cleric and Baldrim the fighter.


The adventurers had joined the fire temple, intending to betray them. Prefect Allrem had ordered the heroes to go to the Water Temple, defeat the head priest and bring him and his flunkies back to the Fire Temple. There, Allrem would sacrifice some and order the rest to join him in a fight against the ghouls that had taken over the earth temple.

The heroes had defeated the juggernaut in the Water Temple and obtained four magic gargoyle cloaks. They quickly patched up their wounds as Canon Belsornig entered, spinning his black rod of smiting around in his hand, accompanied by two ogre under-priests. The fish-fountain in the corner glowed and activated an effect in the room. The room felt like it was underwater. The heroes would have to "swim" about to move! Heron had grown up by a lake in Mist Hollow and thus was very comfortable in this environment (Foamgather Heritage background gives a swim speed! Handy!!). 

The statue also gave Belsornig extra strength and resistances. Belsornig, a giant, tattooed, blue-skinned ogre said serenely, "The fall of dropping water wears away the stone..." and ordered his men to attack. 

The fish fountain began to suck in "water", pulling Randor close to it as Fayte swim-charged the ogres. Heron deftly swam up and cracked Belsornig with his rod of lordly might. To his surprise, the wound created a watery humanoid minion! 

Garweez was "sucked" over to the fountain. Carric aimed his wand of a wonder at an ogre and fired. It created a ten foot pit under the ogre... but it did not fall in, as it was swimming! As the heroes surrounded Belsornig, his form became watery and he rippled his way across the room so that he was looming over Carric and Jurod. He swung the rod at Jurod, who teleported over to the fountain to dodge. Carric was struck. 

Garweez began clubbing away at the fish statue, and it began to crack. Jurod tried to cast a fire spell, but it fizzled in the strange undersea environment created by the fish-fountain. 

Fayte took on both under-priests, and bloodied one with her blade, then blinded it with magic sand that came from her blade. She swung again and dropped it unconscious. Heron and Carric pummeled Belsornig, creating more watery minions with each strike. Carric came to moments later and rejoined the fray (rolled a 20 on his death save). One of the minions swiped Carric and knocked him out. Belsornig struck Heron with a mighty blow (for 36 points!) but he stood strong. 

Belsornig said, still utterly calm, "The blows will continue to rain down, like waves hitting the beach. It's high tide... boy."

Heron said, "You know what? You can blow me."

"So childish. You've so much to learn."

"I think you who has a lot to learn. I mean, water's fun. People play in it..."

"The temple.. is not about fun!". Belsornig actually raised his voice.

"Well, this is fun..." Heron said, and then did a golf swing, cracking Belsornig in the face with his staff and knocking the ogre up and back, so he was floating 5 feet up.

Randor was hit hard by the rod of smiting and was barely still standing (just one hit point remaining!). Garweez hit the fish-statue one more time, and it was destroyed! Everyone dropped to the ground, the effects ended. Fire now worked normally, and the boons granted to Belsornig were lost. The ogre hovering over the ten foot hole fell in.

Carric used the wand and turned the remaining ogre under-priest in the hole pink. Fayte left the ogre in the hole, ran over and healed Heron, who was hurt badly. Belsornig struck her with a massive blow with the rod of smiting, nearly killing her.  The ogre climbed out of the hole, flung a watery dagger at Carric and dropped him again. Fayte slashed Belsornig and created a zone of swirling sand.  Belsornig escaped it and ran over to his underpriest. A minion slashed Fayte and dropped her.

Garweez advanced on the ogres and was dropped. Heron killed two of the minions with a great swing. Carric drew a firestorm arrow and fired it into the underpriest. The arrow exploded, knocking out the under-priest and burned nearby Belsornig as well! Belsornig screamed, as fire was especially lethal to him! Jurod immediately cast fireball, devastating Belsornig.

Belsornig, leaking water from his many wounds, said, "My death will only lead to the rise of a new leader of the water temple. You've accomplished... nothing."

"Who said anything about killing you?", Heron asked. "I hear you don't like fire...". He turned the rod of lordly might into a flaming sword. He ran up, jumped and slashed Belsornig, dropping him.

Heron caught his breath and said, "Well, that was not easy...". 

The battle was won, and the heroes rested and then searched some side-hallways where they found piles of treasure. There were many rituals, as well as the Rod of Lordly Might. Fayte claimed the rod. There were also four books on the watery aspects of elemental evil, which could be studied later. 

During the search, there was a box with six sugared fruits. Heron ate one, and became drunk. Garweez ate two, and passed out! 

Heron began rambling drunkenly about Mist Hollow.

Randor cursed and said, "You shouldn't have eaten the fruit!"

"Yeah!", agreed Baldrim. "What did you eat the fruit for?".

Heron slurred, "I don't know. It looked so good!".

Soon after, Heron began mournfully saying that he missed his home.

Randor, cleric of Storm the God of War, said, "Somebody shut him up! Storm doesn't have time for this crap!".

Baldrim said, "Yeah! Shut up!".

Jurod shifted into a double of Baldrim. He made kissy faces at Randor.

Baldrim was deepy offended. "No, hey, I don't look like that!".

Heron said, "Gross, Jurod...".

Randor laughed and patted Jurod on the shoulder. That's what he looks like all right. The little bitch."

Baldrim sulked in a corner.

After the side rooms had been ransacked, they checked out a set of double doors. Jurod felt it was foolish to continue exploring the area, as everyone was very hurt from the battle with Belsornig and Garweez was unconscious! But the others wanted to check out one more room. Jurod shut the door to a side room and stayed there, listening.

Beyond the double doors was a green chamber with a big pool in the sloping floor. Someone seemed to be lying in the pool. It looked like Berm, Heron's brother from Mist Hollow with no tongue! Berm called out to them telepathically, yelling for help!

Heron made his way in as Carric disbelieved... Berm was an illusion! The pool was an evil, sentient ooze, and it lashed out, dominating Heron and Randor, forcing them to enter the pool!

The ooze was acidic, and burned the heroes and their equipment - even their magic items! The magic items were reduced to residuum, which swirled about in the pool. The ooze absorbed the power of the magic items, and could use the powers as if they were its' own! Carric was hit too, and entered the ooze. His stuff also burned and was absorbed..!

The ooze spoke to Heron. It said that it was a part of the thing in Mist Hollow's lake. When it fell from the sky, this ooze broke off from the main part. Now with each being it consumed, it grew larger! It claimed that it truly ruled the Water Temple, not Belsornig!

Fayte flung a grappling hook and rope at them, but the grapple disintegrated in the water! Heron snapped out of his revery and grabbed onto the rope. From behind the magic water/seaweed curtain of the main temple area, Fayte pulled. Heron grabbed Carric and dragged him out.

Randor ended up in the pool. The thing dominated Heron again! Baldrim shouted to Jurod what was going on. The wizard took off all of his equipment to prepare to help. Fayte took off everything too. Naked, she drank a potion of dragon breath. She ran in and breathed frost on the thing! It shrieked and became paralyzed! 

The heroes quickly escaped before the inert ooze became animate again! Heron swore to return to destroy the thing forever. 

Items Destroyed and Absorbed Included:

Shadowhound Armor
Cloak of the Walking Wounded
Shadowdance Armor
Duelist's Bow